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] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> ladies and gentlemen, the chief justice of the united states and in court of the united states. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] jon: [patriotic music playing] [inaudible conversations] ♪ [patriotic music playing] ♪ [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] ♪ [patriotic music playing] ♪ [inaudible conversations] ladies and gentlemen, please stand as the color guard comprised of members of each of the armed forces presents our national colors. ♪ [patriotic music playing] ♪ ♪ ♪ [patriotic music playing] ♪ ♪ ladies and gentlemen, the 39th president of the united states, jimmy carter and mrs. rosslyn carter. [cheering and applause] ♪ [patriotic music playing] [cheering and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ [patriotic music playing] ♪ ♪ [drum roll] ♪ [patriotic music playing] ♪ [drum roll] ♪ ladies and gentlemen, the 42nd president of the united states william clinton and hillary clinton. [cheering and applause] ♪ >> hello, hey. how are you? hi. [cheering and applause] ♪ how are you? hey.
. [inaudible] there is a lot of sacred stuff going around in the republican party. they need to be more united and they are not. the american people elected the same people over and over and over. until that stops i don't know how americans are going to move forward. another comment i wanted to make too is that, talking about the left-wing media, that is correct. there is the hannity show -- it doesn't help. >> host: robert costa his comment that there is back and forth behind the scenes that we don't know but? >> guest: the 2012 election house republicans lost a lot of seats but there was no rebellion within the caucus in the internal leadership to break with cantor, boehner or mccarthy, the top three. the only real race he saw was for conference chairman cathy mcmorris-rodgers represented from washington who ran against tom price a representative from georgia for the number four spot. cathy mcmorris-rodgers beat out prices of former chairman of the republican study committee a conservative group in the house so you saw that level the fourth ranking level some fighting. boehner kantian mccart
is no other options which is true because congress said you cannot bring them and prosecute them in the united states. so we have created the obstacles that make military commissions. we create our own justifications. it is because of the abusive treatment and detentions and if you peel it back, it's not about what they did to us, it's about what we did to them that makes military commissions seem like an attractive option. and you can't have trained police. i think the public knows that that is the case. every person that was apprehended on the battlefield -- i can't think of any but khalid sheikh mohammed and abu zubaydah were arrested while in pakistan. there were others arrested in dubai and somalia. we have to have this special forum about the battlefield conditions is a great part of this second rate process that is more about less will go what we are bringing to court. another part of the issue is the senate select committee who has completed their report. and also john mccain and dianne feinstein concluded that torture does not work. and it's a stain on our reputation. i think that it'
the complete and timely payment of the obligations of the united states government until may 19, 2013, and for other purposes. mr. reid: i would ask for a second reading but object to my own request. the presiding officer: objection is heard. the bill will be read for the second time on the next legislative day. mr. reid: mr. president, i now ask unanimous consent that the appointments at the desk appear separately in the record as if made by the chair. the presiding officer: without objection, so ordered. mr. reid: i now ask unanimous consent that when the senate completes its business today, it adjourn until 2:00 p.m. on monday, january 28. that following the prayer and pledge, the morning business be deemed expired, the journal of proceedings be approved to date and the time for the two leaders be reserved for their use later in the day, and the senate proceed to a period of morning business until 4:30 p.m., that senators be permitted to speak during that period of time for up to ten minutes. further, following morning business, the senate proceed to h.r. 152 under the previous ord
their families, their friends and the other people in their unit is heartwrenching. attacking his cancer is a full-time job and we are giving it our full attention. of general maggie woodward's recommendations presented to general rice at the end of her investigation 23 are fully implemented and 22 will be implemented by november of this year and the final recommendation has been separated from this particular activity. it has to do with shortening the length of basic military training as general rice is considering that under us separate review that started in a way. sonny's admonitions of applicability for the entire air force and we are working on the larger for sexual assault response and prevention program and her leadership training at every level and into investigative and legal process. since becoming chief of staff i've worked hard to express my deep concern with the issue of sexual assault and i am sure -- i shared my thoughts with. i've also shared it with every commander in our air force. they understand especially her senior commanders understand as ed rice and i do that the
. the united states has spent more money to rebuild afghanistan than it has been on the reconstruction of any other single nation, including germany, all in world war ii. in fact, we have spent about $28 million every day to rebuild and reconstruct afghanistan. nearly 90 plus billion we have already appropriated for afghanistan relief and reconstruction is designed to build and strengthen the afghan national security forces, promote self-governance and foster economic development. it is my job and the job of my nearly 200 auditors, investigators, inspectors and other professional staff to make certain that this money is spent wisely, effectively, efficiently and protected from waste, fraud and abuse. to help you understand the challenges we face at sigar and that my sister inspector inspecr general's face and their role as well is what our country faces in afghanistan, let me start by telling you a little story. a story about one of our inspection laws. in the far north of afghanistan, boring cushy c-span is cut news province. although initially one of the more peaceful parts of the country,
in mind if they are very concentrated and very sedentary. 10% of all people in the united states on about 80% of the guns. they're mostly middle-class, middle-age people in rural areas and hold onto their guns for a long time. on the other hand, most of the people engaging crying our teens and young adults in most criminal careers are short. one of things that means if there's a new generation of young people trying to solve the problem fresh and getting their hands on guns and one way you could take about the challenge here, the situation here is if you think about the united states being like a giant bathtub with 300 million guns, but nothing to worry about the entire town. just a few million guns changing hands every year and trying to divert them away from the high risk. the other thing i like to mention that the conversation right now is a bunch of stuff going on the federal level and a bunch of states to innovate on their own. one of the things important to keep in mind the slow side from hawaii, no state is an island. every state is doing on the gun regulations that is relevant in
platform in the united states. >> host: and the technology aspect of that is? >> guest: technology aspect is manifold. and price performance improves every 18-24 mocks. in the last year we have gotten into the innovation cycle in batteries so by the end of 2020 electric vehicles will actually be price competitive with grass-driven cars. the problem with these things is that we can't wait. we can't wait because of the environmental effects and we can't wait because we need the economy to grow quickly right now. so the book lays out a whole bunch of different ideas for bringing private investment much more quickly into the job of rebuilding the power grid. >> host: on this show, a series on the international power plant, and he doesn't necessarily agree that the internet is completely green or is terribly green. what is your thought? >> guest: he is right about that. people say that data centers in the united states account for 2% of all electricity consumption. if it isn't exactly that number it certainly is the biggest single new element of demand in the whole electricity area. and where
violence. this is about an hour. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the vice president of the united states, joe biden. and mayor michael nutter. [applause] [applause] [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] [applause] >> mayors and ladies and gentlemen, it is, of course, my distinct honor and pleasure to have the opportunity to introduce our good friend, my good friend, vice president joe biden. throughout his career as a public servant, the vice president biden has championed issues that are critical to the prosperity and growth of america's cities and he has engaged directly with the u.s. conference of mayors on a regular basis. during our annual meeting this past june in orlando, vice president biden pledged the obama administration would make sure that the future infrastructure investments are more targeted to local areas. in november, last year, the vice president hosted our leadership in the white house, to discuss the fiscal cliff and the concerns of mayors regard boast inrestor programs programs progt financing. whenever there's major issue that demands attention, again
putin came and insult in the united states and every other country in the west which was in interesting diatribe. [inaudible] >> i don't think he was his happiest day after the 60 minutes piece. [laughter] >> why is that? >> i think he is one of the most likeable and congenial men i have ever known in the united states senate and i think chuck would agree. >> i do. >> before you came out we were saying the gang of eight accomplish something rare which was for democrats and for plug-ins coming together on something. usurp together 13 years and senator schumer came to the other body in 1999 i believe it was in the gang of eight started to come together the friday after the election. senator lindsey graham gave you a call on saturday morning and you saw him on your call sheet. you called him and you said what? >> i said hi lindsey and he said -- the lindsey is one of the most effervescent and as john knows the band is back. let's do immigration and that was wonderful. than the next moment he said and i talked to john mccain and he wants to get back involved in my heart when pitter patter.
of friends there. when mccarthy returned to the united states he was based at treasure island and sanford cisco bait. he tried baking mental him is to get a medical discharge but it wasn't that far from the truth. one time while way too high on white lightning acid he considered suicide. the reality was setting an nfl good to have a gun he recall. really crazy ones on treasure island for the guys who clenched pouches they had made from the scrotums of deadbeats. the navy patched up their heads and put them back into action. the haight beckoned to mccarthy from the choppy cold waters of the paper going christmas eve he went strolling in the hippie haven in "life" magazine. he wasn't looking for but for mystical camaraderie. it was a harder connection to find in those days. as you walk down the haight street some were hanging out in front of him hang hassling anyone who went by. she broke away and a navy man high on lsd fix them with the look of death and they backed off the one. after vietnam it was look the came naturally to mccarthy and it was only enhanced by the acid. 20 yards past the
million people in the united states, one in five americans, cannot see a doctor when they need to. lack of access to a primary care provider is a national problem, but those most impacts are people who are low income, minorities, seniors, and people who live in rural communities whether it's vermont or wyoming. as we've seen time and time again with dental care, mental health, and other health care issues, the groups that lead -- need health care the most are the least likely to receive it. the good news is just 11 months from now we'll be providing health insurance to 30 million more americans through the affordable care act. the bad news is we don't know how we are going to be providing primary health care to those americans who now have health insurance. let me rattle off some statistics that i think should be of concern for the congress, and, in fact, for all americans. not widely known, and maybe you'll talk about it, but approximately 45,000 people every single year die in the united states of america because they do not have health insurance, and they do not get to a doctor on ti
takes on an is the basic full faith and credit of the united states of america. the president has made so clear what would be at stake if that were to happen. i just believe that it is so critical that that not occurred. you know, i have been through these battles for many decades. i don't remember anyone essentially saying we should go over the cliff. the consequences would be, i think, shamanic and potentially cataclysmic. for the republicans that say let's do it, i think i would be a mistake with foreseeable consequences. the federal reserve has said the responsible physician is we should not forget. >> the president says he's not going to talk about the debt ceiling, speaker boehner said it can be done unless we cut spending at the same time. what are the odds of avoiding going over the fiscal cliff given where both parties are. >> they are going with the american economy and the global economy. closer you get to the fiscal cliff, i think the less likely it is that the u.s. will be funded over and. >> okay, let me ask about tax reform. mutual political last week that a balanced app
would not use the 2005 round as a guide. it was more transferring units around. a fair amount of forest protection efforts that were quite costly, although we will get savings. take a while before we break even. the best i can do is some rough history. if you look at the 93 and 95. i believe those were the two, the average savings once we were fully in place is two to 3 billion per year, and i think that is probably realistic if we get base closure authority to see that again. we would -- before we know for sure we would have to go through the process of going to every base and installation and organization and asking for data and making specific decisions and then letting the commission review them and make the choices. but i think there are more savings to be had commendably both in terms of dollars and the terms of civilian personnel command of the congress wants us to hold down defense spending and as they have said, that one has to reduce the number of spending personnel, the need to give us authority to move ahead with infrastructure consolidation. >> to more questions. >> you tal
in review essentially is the presidential escort unit which is comprised of approximately 387 servicemembers followed by each of the service armed guards and the u.s. army band as well as the marine corps band. and they will go past the presidents location on the east front of the capital and once they complete the path in review, then the presidential escort follows the more decayed and then they start the parade route. around the parade route we have approximately 2300 military personnel participating in the parade. there are approximately 10,000 total personnel in the parade and the way the parade is organized there are five divisions in this parade. each division is led i a service component comcast so division i will be led by the army. division two by the marines, division iii by the navy, division for by the air force, and division five by a mixture of the coast guard and the merchant marines. essentially it is comprised of military bands service elements that represent the active reserve, the national guard component and then followed by various civilian groups that have applied to b
holders and investors in those securities do not have the best interest of the united states government guarantee on their performance. they live or die by the fact whether you pay your mortgage or you don't. because of that those securities trade at market. they do not trait at par. -- trade at par. they reflect they fact there are huge problems in that community. right now is the perfect time to put a slide up to frame this. this is one -- one page in fannie mae's third quarter 10q. the united states government's view of the pls sector. this is with respect to that portion of the bonds they own. the discussion of why fannie mae owns these bond at all, but they do and under the disclosure rules they now tell us what they think about the underlying mortgages, and these are the numbers you want to look at. fannie mae says there's $28 billion on their balance exposure to mortgages in this sector. they expect a 50% default rate. this is going forward under existing conditions. and when it defaults and goes to foreclosure, they expect 66% loss under that mortgage. half the mortgages, two-th
, the founder of the united nations a program, but we have the current director with us as well. we have a true continuity that stands for several decades. and i think you'll have a lively and fantastic conversation. what brings us here today is "no time to lose", a life in pursuit of deadly viruses, doctor peter piot's memoir. it is not an attempt to write history of anything. but rather an attempt to describe how the world in the history developed through the eyes of a key player who is really on the front lines of each individual step along the way. because the memoir is far more accessible, it goes through an adventure cycle. i suspect it will be a recruiting device for the next generation of epidemiologists and specialist in public health leaders. because it makes it seem like one of the most fun things you can possibly do with your life. many of the events that peter described we experienced at the same time, but from a different perspective. we were both on the front lines watching a new disease unfolds, which later came to be known as aids. we both watched as a series of events unfold t
and then the attorney general and win a seat in the united states senate. both his republican and democratic opponents ran pretty negative campaigns against him, accusing him and all manner of extreme libertarian views. some accusations were actually true. >> i never admitted to any of that. [laughter] >> voters wanted a change in washington and they elected him by a comfortable margin. he was perhaps the most authentic tea party winner of 2010, which is why he then read a book called the tea party goes to washington. since he got to washington, he is t-tango that the tsa, proposed a budget that balanced, drawn rave reviews for its efforts to rein in the pastry attacked and then denounced as a libertarian extremist by her national review. so what is new? we couldn't have found a commentor who knows more about ron paul or has more of a stake in the future of ron paul's revolution. please welcome the junior senator from the commonwealth of kentucky, the home of the eight time national champion university of kentucky wildcats, senator rand paul. [applause] >> i want to congratulate brian on his boat, the
in the united states. we all know that health care is now a huge part of our economy, accounting for almost 18% of gdp. that's $2.000000000000 for those who don't know the exact size of the gdp. that was from 2011 and i'm sure the health policy students somewhere play a drinking game while watching programs like this on c-span based on how many times the word unsustainable is repeated. those same 2011 spending figures released earlier this month revealed that for the third year in a row, aggregate spending grew by just 3.9%, the smallest increment in decades. so, to paraphrase ross perot's running mate in a debate many years ago, why are we here? and at least one response to that question is, we don't know if the health care cost dragon has dragon has been slain norris just hibernating. how much of the slow increase in cost comes from the sluggish economic recovery, more people without insurance, people postponing care over which they have any kind of discussion at all, and what about the explosion in chronic conditions continuing to develop in a more sophisticated and more expensive treatment
billion. we will again take things up for the united states postal service and make things whole. also the victims of hurricane sandy. these were debated in the senate. we have to take prevent costumes and preventions before another hurricane sandy. thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed in new york, new jersey, and new england, and 10,000 americans were left homeless. we have a responsibility to rebuild their lives and their communities. as we have done with those who are victims of fire and other natural disasters and other parts of the nation. we will consider changes to the senate rules. because this is a matter of additional debate, we reserve the right of all senators to oppose changes to the senate rules. it is my intention that the senate rules are continued and allow these important rules discussion to continue. i'm hopeful am cautiously optimistic that the republicans and democrats can reach an agreement to manage the senate more effectively in coming months. >> republican leader? >> mr. president, i want to start by co want to start by congratulating president obam
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